Migration Times

“”The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

(The Walrus and The Carpenter – Lewis Carroll)

Since the inception of this blog all those years ago, we have gained alot of followers (thank you so much to everyone) and I have decided to start a website under this blogs name with all the same posts and loves and even more hints and tips on making your house a home and more DIY tips.



I hope you see all you lovely darlings on the other side and thank you for your support


Kitchens: A woman’s Haven or social hub?

Yes kitchens, a place where one can get away from the world for a bit and create artistic, yet tasty masterpieces. But this has long been the debate, are kitchens a woman’s place, closed off from all or have they become a social hub? 
I love the idea of having open plan kitchens where everyone is involved and the festivities take place in the kitchen, dining room etc. But sometimes when baking is involved it’s nice to have some alone time and concentrate on the task at hand, this can be quite difficult in an open plan kitchen, but the aroma of baked goods can therefore waft around the house alot faster. So it’s a win win situation.
So we have determined that open plan kitchens can be a great asset to your home, how would you decorate it? I have never been one for surgical homes and modern decor, but I love modern appliances, so mixing the two together can often be a tricky feat.



Simple yet effective, which is great for smaller kitchens, the stove takes centre stage with the microwave right above it which is fantastic and convenient, makes cooking easier, especially for when you’re entertaining you don’t want to be running around all evening! The white brick tiles gives it an industrial yet fresh look which I am loving as well as the open shelves creating a wonderful display!



Small kitchens need not be cramped and dingy, this is a fantastic way to lighten and enlarge your kitchen by having large wall to wall windows to create the illusion that you have a wonderfully large kitchen. Also if you have window sills, use them! Display trinkets, plants, bottles even pictures, create beautiful eye catching displays, it also acts as a centrepiece almost like mantlepieces



Dark wood floors, light walls and kitchen tops! Everything about this kitchen is perfect, it mixes old country charm and modern simplicity! Simply perfect! This is definitely my dream kitchen although I am not entirely loving the white granite splash back. I am thinking that white brick tiles on the walls might look a bit more homely.



As I keep saying, DISPLAY everyday items. Create showpieces with them. Turn jugs, wooden spoons, cups, saucers into an eye catching focal point in your kitchen. it also gives the illusion that you are a sought after chef, even if you’re not.

How do you want your kitchen to look? Are you one for modern touches and all the top of the range gadgets? Or do you love the old country??

Decorating Obsession: Mantlepiece Dressing

 Living in the UK, I always had spectacular fireplaces and mantles, so I always loved playing around with layers and different pieces to create focus points in bedrooms and lounges.

Here I will take you through various ways of dressing mantles to create that beautiful centrepiece in your home.

I love the use of frames and quotes, but remember don’t HANG your frame, instead balance it as the centre point of your mantle. Or if you have a mantle in your kitchen get your hands on a stunningly large station clock to start your elegant mantle off.

take into consideration the use of negative space, this gets you to have a more balanced display rather than looking at the positive space.

I am loving Monograms at the moment and the use of letters to create a beautiful addition to your display. Put your initials of you and your partner, or even just of your surname. Wooden words also look incredibly beautiful flanking frames, to create a simple yet stunning focal point.

Include some greenery in the picture, some dried flowers, a succulent or even just a simple palm anything that will break up the stark angles of the frames.

Don’t over crowd your mantlepiece with random decor, instead consider your decoration in that room, keep it neutral and selectively pick frames and images that compliment your centrepiece. You don’t want to cram your mantle with odds and ends that you have picked up over time.

Here are a few of my favourite mantles that just shout classy, sophisticated and just GLAMOUR!


I love the rocking chair and the layering of the frames and the clock being off centre!



Simple yet beautiful with a large circular mirror which is less harsh than squared ones flanked by two plants really draws the eye to this centrepiece.



Everything about this lounge is BEAUTIFUL! Simple and effective and the use of stacking, layering and my favourite MONOGRAMS!

How will you dress up your mantlepiece?? Will you go all out with galmourous decor or will you keep it simple and classy?

Sample Sale Finds


I survived my first manic sample sale. It had to be on the hottest day of the year and crammed into the smallest room, but it was a success! I felt like I was on a game show as I fought over products with fellow shoppers as I tried to find things that I could picture in my house, or what I could repurpose!
The frames I love as is, they are beautifully worn, and the whitewashed one actually was attached to something else but broke in a scuffle, but it is beautiful as is.
The wall art in the back has a wonderful quote “live what you love” on a Proudly South African background of proteas and old stamps.
The clock, matches my kitchen decor of old French country kitchen, so that was a given.
Onto the bottles, yes bottles, my current obsession (see my post on decorating with Mason Jars) for these two as well as the host of other ones I have collected, I have a few ideas for, but I’m not set on one so I will post my final images of my bottles once they are looking beautiful!

Rule number one of going home shopping, always have an end use in mind and how you can repurpose objects rather than buying an item for their intended end use! It makes shopping more fun as you come up with ideas. For example, you come across a gorgeous wrought iron or galvanized iron wine rack, you don’t drink wine, but you could buy this gorgeous wine rack and use it as extra towel storage in your small guest bathroom.

Always think of an alternative ending!

Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Old Doors

I’ve been battling to find a decent headboard for my bedroom for a while now, until I came across this…



This encapsulates everything that I would like! Who would’ve thought two old doors, although mismatched in colour would make the most beautiful headboard, which contrasting against the chandelier, makes the most glamorous bedroom I have seen.
Using old doors is an amazing concept, which you can make almost anything out of, sideboards, bookcases, wall art. You name it, you can make it out of an old door.



This may be a bit soppy and loved up but I love everything about this image, although I would’ve used a more striking colour for the text, as it does seem to fade out against the worn colouration of the door, but this idea is perfect for my lounge.



Green seems to be one colour that makes interiors pop, however, I am not a fan of this, maybe a darker forest or emerald green would’ve been better. Or, personally, I would’ve gone with the white washed look, which I am most definitely LOVING at the moment.



If my house was big enough I would have small bookcases everywhere! Everything about this is adorable, from the styling to the complete look of this! It is just beautiful.

Using old doors isn’t just used in home decor, like most trends they are translated into Visual Merchandising for boutiques, cafes and many more.



I love this idea for a small pavement cafe having its daily specials on an old door, it matches the rustic eco fashion vibe and the use of flowers on the door handle gives it a beautiful touch.

How will you bring old doors a new lease on life in your home?

House Envy: Potter Mansion

I came across this amazing house, actually I think MANSION is more apt, on South African Blog LUCKY PONY, and well I am actually IN LOVE with this house.
It is absolutely beautiful and it just OOZES style from every nook and crevice. Everything that interior designer Cecilia Potter does is perfectly amazing.

Below are a few of my favourite shots, all images are from Lucky Pony

ImageThis kitchen is absolutely beautiful, with the pots and pans, and even the wine being displayed as focal points in the kitchen. The wood flooring is immaculate and creates that homely country feel.

ImageI’ve decided I WILL be getting top hats and bowler hats to be light fixtures in my place, not in the bathroom but definitely in the lounge or study

ImageTHIS, this lounge is BEAUTIFUL and that rug looks so soft and cosy! My favourite thing is the coffee table with the books everywhere, this is definitely my type of thing!! Nothing completes a coffee table more than an amazing collection of coffee table books!!!

What are your thoughts on Cecilia Potter’s mansion??




Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Shutter love

In this post for RRR, I’ve come across some really amazing ways to use shutters in your home decorating.
I’ve always loved shutters ever since going to the south of France with one of my best friends over summer and staying in an old barn with this amazing shutters! Provence has some of the best looking shutters around and it’s always fab to bring a bit of France into your homes!
So lets look at how we can use shutters around the home.

This beautiful bed side table arrangement just looks so fresh and inviting, giving an almost Hamptons coastal vibe. I am loving the whitewashed shutter which can be used as a display for photographs and trinkets.

Tired of having your mail all over the place? Use shutters as a notes and mail holder to free up valuable counter space. The green might look a bit garish in my house so I’m thinking a more rustic approach would be more suitable with this one.

If I had the kitchen space I would most definitely do this! I practically live in the kitchen and I love making various concoctions for dinner, so having a prep island would be fab, as I would then free up the counters for plates etc, also utilizing it as a vegetable rack as well would definitely be handy!

Shutters are being used in small indie boutiques to display Jewellery, and smaller items. This type of visual merchandising is far more appealing than the standard way of displaying Jewellery

I definitely think I will be digging for some shutters and utilizing them as part of my organizing as a mail or note holder!
How will you use shutters in your home?

Courtyard Makeover

So I appear to have a bee in my bonnet about my back ‘courtyard’ area in the place that I am renting. It’s so uninspiring and I really want to grow my own veg and herbs but she has two lil dogs who tend to do their business in MY area! I love animals I do but not when you open the back door onto poop 😦
So this is what my back ‘garden’ looks like now (pardon the quick doodle, I’m more of a figure drawer than landscapes)

As you can see….uninspiring, with bins and construction debris and gravel….a lot of gravel! It gets everywhere! How can one create a haven at home when this is the view out of my window!

Now this is my idea, simple and private with shrubs and space for my raised veggie and herb gardens and also place to entertain! Again excuse the crude excuse of a landscape drawing!


I’m definitely feeling inspired with this!

What are your thoughts?

Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Using old windows

So I am thinking of making Redo, Reuse, Restyle a series as I am always coming across different ways to repurpose old unwanted items.
As I mentioned in my last RRR post, I love untreated raw wood and all the stories that go with it, therefore I shall carry on the theme of wood and show the awesome ways in which to repurpose old windows into decorative items for everyday use.
All images I found here

My favourite, which I have always wanted to do is use them as frames, I came across a store selling these for a staggering amount of money, I decided to do it myself! This will definitely create a wonderful display down the hallway!

A simple yet decorative display using an old shelf and four paned window! Can be used as a key holder, which is far more attractive than the one I have now!


I think I will be going scrap yard digging this weekend to find some hidden gems!
Don’t have a lot of room for a spectacular entrance hall? Create a simple effective display using a door and some old table legs! Add in some chalk board paint and you have a dual purpose entrance hall stand!

Old windows can also be used in Visual Merchandising, which is one trend I am seeing popping up more and more as brands want to embrace the whole ethical fashion wave that is sweeping the globe. I love it as it gives it an almost market vibe to it, which is far more attractive than a run of the mill store.


Making a Grand Entrance

I love entrance halls! It’s the first glimpse of a persons home, which tells a silent story of the owner, before you even step foot into the house!
The entrance hall needs to tell a story, needs to give some sort of a direction to your personal tastes and loves and loathes. Now you’re probably thinking, “that’s a lot to cram into one little space isn’t it?”
Well, I’m not saying, lets put everyone one of our favourite possessions in the entrance hall to make a statement…no no, less is most definitely more.
Think statement walls, a beautiful painting or photograph and some flowers. There done! This gives the impression that you are creative and sensitive and daring all at the same time! Not bad for a glimpse into the rest of your house right?
Now if you do the entrance hall right, people are going to want to look around your house and see the decor and amazing design.
Below are a few grand entrances that I absolutely adore and I am most definitely going to do something like that one day!

Image courtesy of Design Manifest
I love the use of vintage rugs and bold statement stairs! Truly beautiful!

Image courtesy of Tumblr
Now if space constraints are an issue, don’t let that hamper your desire for a grand entrance. Take a narrow bookshelf, lay it on its side, add in some wicker baskets and voila you have a quick an easy way to store handbags, shoes etc to stop people from leaving them all over the floor

Image courtesy of Justine Taylor
I love the simplicity of this, however I would’ve chosen to do a statement wall instead of white, as the white accessories would then pop out against the darker contrasting wall!

How are you going to make a Grand Entrance?