Redo, Reuse, Restyle

Eco fashion, sustainability and salvaging hidden gems is becoming a trend in interiors, there is just so much someone can do with what they have and what they find!
It just calls you to go junk yard hunting or go to that little unknown charity/thrift shop and find some fantastically cheap items which you can restyle into something that looks like it is worth hundreds of dollars!

I am a fan of raw wood, untreated, gritty looking wood! There is just so much character to it and it always seems to speak a thousand more words than the treated modern day pieces of furniture you can buy in your local store.



I think the use of crates is a fantastic way to display wine and wine glasses! Create a focal point if space is the issue and you don’t have enough space to have a bar. I’m not much of a wine drinker but I would gladly buy loads of wine or even just empty wine bottles to create this look!



If you have makeup everywhere and not nearly enough space to store it, why don’t you create a classy display, using three silver platters (obviously not real silver…faux definitely) and three cheap glass candlestick holders, using a hot glue gun, glue all pieces together to create and almost period looking piece that holds all your important bits and pieces!



I’ve actually seen these baskets at my local Mr Price Home, but this is definitely a new way to use them. This is especially great in small bathrooms. Just use three varying shape baskets and get cheap rustic rope and tie them all together and then hang from the ceiling or wall (depending on how high you want them displayed) this is great for storing extra toilet rolls, cleaning products and towels.

I think I will definitely be doing some of these projects over the weekend as a creative way to redo, reuse and restyle…

Artist Crush: AMYLEE PARIS

Here is my artist crush of this week: AMYLEE PARIS

She is an artist and Blogger that is based in Paris. Her colourful 70s inspired paintings of acrylic on stretched linen are so eye-catching, and beautifully captured. I love the use of vintage stars like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly!

Definitely my new favourite artist and I will be keeping an eye on what she does next.



Home made natural scents


I am addicted to candles, smellies and all nice smelling items including my cooking (especially the use of garlic) however in regards to cooking with garlic it doesn’t smell so hot the day after! Thats where these lovelies come into play!
They are super easy to make and generally keep for 1-2 weeks in the fridge and 2+weeks in the freezer.
So how do we go about this? Simply grab a pint (2 cups) jar add in all your ingredients of smellies and add water.
Here are a few which I stumbled upon on here

1. Oranges, cinnamon, and cloves
2. Lemon, rosemary, and vanilla
3. Lime, thyme, mint and vanilla extract
4. Orange, ginger, and almond extract
5. Pine/cedar twigs,  bay leaves, and nutmeg

You simply combine all your ingredients into one pot and bring to the boil, this sends the scent around your house to all rooms (depending on the size of your house of course) turn down the heat and let it simmer…however keep an eye on the water levels as you dont want to burn your ingredients.
When you feel your house is smelling better than it did let it cool and replace into your jar and store in the fridge. You can reuse these up to three times. Which also
definitely saves on candles as all these ingredients are basic staples of my shopping list. So it is almost a win win situation!