A New Year

So 2013 is upon us. We survived the apparent apocalypse and we are all thinking what now?

So what is going to make you different this year? What are you going to do that makes a difference to the world or to society or even just to yourself, friends and family?
Maybe all you want to do is realise you life long goals of becoming that creative that is hiding away inside you, or maybe you just want to shed a few of those Christmas pounds.
2013, I have decided, is the year that sets everyone apart. Sustainability is gaining more and more momentum and everyone is realising their creative potential in tapping into this fantastic market.
Being a creative in South Africa this year is fantastic, there are so many different and inspiring people to look up to. Also inspiration is ALL around us. For me, I take a picture of EVERYTHING to see where I can gain some sort of inspiration, I also have this current fascination with brown paper bags, since my sister bought something and also introduced me to my new favourite store Fat Tuesday in Bellevue Road, Kloof.
I am seriously addicted to that store and it fuels my creative juices everytime I set foot in there! It also draws on the sustainability market of buying locally produced items and artwork and artwork that is upcycled from locally sourced products, be it wood, fabric, paper etc.

For me, Fat Tuesday is like Pinterest in a store, and I can literally spend HOURS looking at all the amazing designs and art and photography. Seriously South Africa has some amazingly talented artists out there.

2013 is also a year I hope to start my designs again after a seriously long hiatus, this should help me find my way and set my path for my life.

2013 WILL BE MY YEAR….Will it be yours to?

I leave you with this fantastic quote by Neil Gaiman, ┬áthat I stumbled on via Mr Price‘s Facebook page:



Make 2013 YOUR year!!!