Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Using old windows

So I am thinking of making Redo, Reuse, Restyle a series as I am always coming across different ways to repurpose old unwanted items.
As I mentioned in my last RRR post, I love untreated raw wood and all the stories that go with it, therefore I shall carry on the theme of wood and show the awesome ways in which to repurpose old windows into decorative items for everyday use.
All images I found here

My favourite, which I have always wanted to do is use them as frames, I came across a store selling these for a staggering amount of money, I decided to do it myself! This will definitely create a wonderful display down the hallway!

A simple yet decorative display using an old shelf and four paned window! Can be used as a key holder, which is far more attractive than the one I have now!


I think I will be going scrap yard digging this weekend to find some hidden gems!
Don’t have a lot of room for a spectacular entrance hall? Create a simple effective display using a door and some old table legs! Add in some chalk board paint and you have a dual purpose entrance hall stand!

Old windows can also be used in Visual Merchandising, which is one trend I am seeing popping up more and more as brands want to embrace the whole ethical fashion wave that is sweeping the globe. I love it as it gives it an almost market vibe to it, which is far more attractive than a run of the mill store.


3 thoughts on “Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Using old windows

  1. I love your RRR posts. I love making things and displaying things I’ve made. I love walking past something someone has made, I love the creativity, imagination and inspiration.

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