Decorating Obsession: Mantlepiece Dressing

 Living in the UK, I always had spectacular fireplaces and mantles, so I always loved playing around with layers and different pieces to create focus points in bedrooms and lounges.

Here I will take you through various ways of dressing mantles to create that beautiful centrepiece in your home.

I love the use of frames and quotes, but remember don’t HANG your frame, instead balance it as the centre point of your mantle. Or if you have a mantle in your kitchen get your hands on a stunningly large station clock to start your elegant mantle off.

take into consideration the use of negative space, this gets you to have a more balanced display rather than looking at the positive space.

I am loving Monograms at the moment and the use of letters to create a beautiful addition to your display. Put your initials of you and your partner, or even just of your surname. Wooden words also look incredibly beautiful flanking frames, to create a simple yet stunning focal point.

Include some greenery in the picture, some dried flowers, a succulent or even just a simple palm anything that will break up the stark angles of the frames.

Don’t over crowd your mantlepiece with random decor, instead consider your decoration in that room, keep it neutral and selectively pick frames and images that compliment your centrepiece. You don’t want to cram your mantle with odds and ends that you have picked up over time.

Here are a few of my favourite mantles that just shout classy, sophisticated and just GLAMOUR!


I love the rocking chair and the layering of the frames and the clock being off centre!



Simple yet beautiful with a large circular mirror which is less harsh than squared ones flanked by two plants really draws the eye to this centrepiece.



Everything about this lounge is BEAUTIFUL! Simple and effective and the use of stacking, layering and my favourite MONOGRAMS!

How will you dress up your mantlepiece?? Will you go all out with galmourous decor or will you keep it simple and classy?

2 thoughts on “Decorating Obsession: Mantlepiece Dressing

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