About Me

This blog has come a long way since its inception way back in 2009, as a fashion blog. Posts seemed to dwindle into non existence, due to timing and lack of inspiration. However, in 2013, Trash Vintage finally found its feet again as a DIY, home decorating and baking blog, with fashion thrown into the mix once and a while.
This is something that I am passionate about since moving into my own abode this year. Also working within the fashion and sporting industry it is nice to come home and talk about something else besides that.
This is my passion and I will be updating this as much as possible as I am always finding new and innovative ways to decorate the home and various exciting recipes for everyday occasions!
This blog is here to inspire you, make you think in a different way, make you laugh and even, hopefully, turn you into that homemaker that has been hiding inside you!

Well here is a bit of a back story:
South African visual merchandiser
Studied BA (Hons) Fashion Management and Marketing in London (graduated 2011)
Have a Higher Education Certificate in Crime And Policing (that was a random but amazing moment in life)
Self proclaimed homemaker and DIY enthusiast
Have unhealthy obsessions with Home Decor

Work experience
Clarks (2007 – 2011) Kids team leader
TD Tom Davis (3 month internship 2009) Visual Merchandising and Marketing
More! Magazine (2 week work experience 2009) Fashion Department and PR
Phase Eight (2012) Sales Consultant and Visual Merchandiser
Mr Price Sport (2012 – Present Day) Visual Merchandiser
Trash Vintage Blogger (2009 – Present Day)

4 thoughts on “About Me

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