Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Old Doors

I’ve been battling to find a decent headboard for my bedroom for a while now, until I came across this…



This encapsulates everything that I would like! Who would’ve thought two old doors, although mismatched in colour would make the most beautiful headboard, which contrasting against the chandelier, makes the most glamorous bedroom I have seen.
Using old doors is an amazing concept, which you can make almost anything out of, sideboards, bookcases, wall art. You name it, you can make it out of an old door.



This may be a bit soppy and loved up but I love everything about this image, although I would’ve used a more striking colour for the text, as it does seem to fade out against the worn colouration of the door, but this idea is perfect for my lounge.



Green seems to be one colour that makes interiors pop, however, I am not a fan of this, maybe a darker forest or emerald green would’ve been better. Or, personally, I would’ve gone with the white washed look, which I am most definitely LOVING at the moment.



If my house was big enough I would have small bookcases everywhere! Everything about this is adorable, from the styling to the complete look of this! It is just beautiful.

Using old doors isn’t just used in home decor, like most trends they are translated into Visual Merchandising for boutiques, cafes and many more.



I love this idea for a small pavement cafe having its daily specials on an old door, it matches the rustic eco fashion vibe and the use of flowers on the door handle gives it a beautiful touch.

How will you bring old doors a new lease on life in your home?

Redo, Reuse, Restyle: Shutter love

In this post for RRR, I’ve come across some really amazing ways to use shutters in your home decorating.
I’ve always loved shutters ever since going to the south of France with one of my best friends over summer and staying in an old barn with this amazing shutters! Provence has some of the best looking shutters around and it’s always fab to bring a bit of France into your homes!
So lets look at how we can use shutters around the home.

This beautiful bed side table arrangement just looks so fresh and inviting, giving an almost Hamptons coastal vibe. I am loving the whitewashed shutter which can be used as a display for photographs and trinkets.

Tired of having your mail all over the place? Use shutters as a notes and mail holder to free up valuable counter space. The green might look a bit garish in my house so I’m thinking a more rustic approach would be more suitable with this one.

If I had the kitchen space I would most definitely do this! I practically live in the kitchen and I love making various concoctions for dinner, so having a prep island would be fab, as I would then free up the counters for plates etc, also utilizing it as a vegetable rack as well would definitely be handy!

Shutters are being used in small indie boutiques to display Jewellery, and smaller items. This type of visual merchandising is far more appealing than the standard way of displaying Jewellery

I definitely think I will be digging for some shutters and utilizing them as part of my organizing as a mail or note holder!
How will you use shutters in your home?