Courtyard Makeover

So I appear to have a bee in my bonnet about my back ‘courtyard’ area in the place that I am renting. It’s so uninspiring and I really want to grow my own veg and herbs but she has two lil dogs who tend to do their business in MY area! I love animals I do but not when you open the back door onto poop 😦
So this is what my back ‘garden’ looks like now (pardon the quick doodle, I’m more of a figure drawer than landscapes)

As you can see….uninspiring, with bins and construction debris and gravel….a lot of gravel! It gets everywhere! How can one create a haven at home when this is the view out of my window!

Now this is my idea, simple and private with shrubs and space for my raised veggie and herb gardens and also place to entertain! Again excuse the crude excuse of a landscape drawing!


I’m definitely feeling inspired with this!

What are your thoughts?