iPhoneography and Instagram

In this day and age, phones have replaced digital cameras the way digital cameras replaced film cameras etcetera etcetera etcetera…
Everyone now claims they are the best photographer since cameras were invented….since when did pointing your phone at something, clicking and adding filters make you a good photographer?
I won’t lie of course, I love instagram, I find it soothing to document everyday things that make me laugh or stop in awe. But I don’t call myself an amazing photographer. 
Calling yourself an amazing photographer, means you’ve spent ages perfecting your art, learning composition, ISO, noise and balance; and thus producing some of the most iconic images in sport, fashion, landscape etc. 
One does not simply point and shoot ones iphone in the general direction of your subject.


On the flip side, there are some AMAZING instagrammers. Possibly because they are photographers themselves and thus use their extensive knowledge of photography and utilise it in a smaller and lower res way.

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram has now made a once EXPENSIVE hobby into a hobby for all mankind and it does create some amazing wall art when combined all together, which is something that I shall be doing soon, as I stumbled upon this beauty the other day…



Gone are the days of those HORRENDOUS dated collage frames and are being replaced with INSTAGRAM sized collage frames ❤ my heart just flipped at the ingenious of this.

4 thoughts on “iPhoneography and Instagram

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